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(yes i know the name is teen celebrities, but obviously the majority of those 'teens' have grown older however i shall still blog them so shutup)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Whats your name? Natalie

How old are you? 18

How long have you been supporting each celebrity?

-Demi Lovato: Since 2008 (camp rock)

-One Direction: since 2010 (x factor uk)

-Miley Cyrus: since 2006 (hannah montana)

-Justin Bieber: since 2008 (youtube days)

-Jonas Brothers: since 2006 (It’s about time album)

-Cher Lloyd: since 2010 (x factor uk)

-Vanessa Hudgens: since 2006 (high school musical)

-Taylor Swift: since 2007 (when i found her first album)

-Zac Efron: since 2006 (high school musical)

-Selena Gomez: since 2007 (HM appearance but not her music)

-Harry Potter Cast: since the books. my whole childhood

-The Vamps: since 2012 (youtube)

-Ed Sheeran: (can’t actually remember but fan since late 2010)

Where are you from? Australia

How many followers do you have? Ask off anon and i’ll tell you :p

What are your other blogs? Ask me not on anon and i’ll tell

Have you ever seen them live in concert? Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, One direction (best night of my life, most amazing concert) :D